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Hey! My name is Ace van de Ven and I create fictional worlds through music.

I am the composer for Ruclefia & Waanklank.

I enjoy a lot of different kinds of music and by mixing them up I create interesting and unpredictable songs.

I can also transform progressive rock into a mellifluous fairytale (or chiptune) and video game music into modern jazz!

My influences include Chon, Dewa Budjana, Frank Zappa, Hajime Wakai, Itzamna, Kazumi Totaka, Koji Kondo, Plini, Satoshi Oka, Tatsuhiko Asano and the list goes on!

If you want to commission me to make music for a project. You can contact me!

I also give guitar lessons!

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Panel 1


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Panel 2


I’m happy to answer your questions and consider opportunities!